High Quality Hand-Crafted Glass Vases and Candle Holders

P.O. Box 3642, Long Beach, CA 90803, US

(818) 943-6778

glass vases wholesale only




Who is qualified to be your distributor?  
Wholesalers with a business license and resell number who can distribute our products in volumes.

Do you have a printed or CD catalog of your products?
Yes, we do. However, we may not update our catalog all the time. AAC consistently adds new items and products every year, all of which are not in our catalog.

Do you UPS or FedEx merchandise ordered from AAC?
No, we do not. AAC does wholesale only and all the shipments are carried by trucking companies, who require a minimum of 300 pounds per pallet load.

Do you have a minimum order, what and how much?

Yes, we do and no, we don't.  This means we do require our customers to make pallet(s) load order if it will need to be shipped out. But, if you arrange to pick up the merchandise from our warehouse in Los Angeles, we have no dollar minimum as long as you buy by cases, not by pieces.

Do you sell your products to the customers of your distributors?

Normally, we don't.  But in case customers are out of reach of our distributors or they order items or products that our distributors do not carry, or for some other reasons, such as no matter what, you do not buy from our distributors, then we'll serve you.

Can you export your products to other countries from where AAC is in the United States or the origin of your products?

Yes, we can as long as the import country has a trade relationship with the United States or the origin of our products.