High Quality Hand-Crafted Glass Vases and Candle Holders

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glass vases wholesale only



1. AAC is an importer and does wholesale only.  Customers are required to provide their resell numbers and other related business information.

2. AAC has its distributors throughout the United States, and they are the best choice and the most convenient for non-volume buyers. However, in case you cannot reach them in your location, we will serve you with no dollar minimum but under the following condition: Either you arrange to pick up in Los Angeles or we’ll ship to you with a minimum weight of 300 pounds or more required by trucking companies.  

3.  AAC has special and close-outs deals sometimes open to any accepted customers, but the same shipment rule as stated above applies.      

4. AAC provides customized products as long as AAC is able to make, the order size is big enough and the purchase is guaranteed.

5.  AAC matches or even beats any prices under the condition of all being the same with acceptable proof.   

6. AAC reserves the right to refuse or discontinue to do business with anyone who does not follow AAC’s business policies.


1. AAC requires customers to place a written purchase order by fax or e-mail.

2. AAC has over 400 items by size and design only and the availability categories are as: 

  – Most items are available all the time and can be picked up or shipped out within 24 to 48 hours;

 – Normally, out of stock items take 3 weeks or so to be stocked;

– Some items are special order only that require up to 4 to 5 weeks for picking up or shipping out;

 – Customized items take about 8 to10 weeks to be available to the customers. 



1. Opening purchase must be paid up front by business checks, money order or Master or Visa card. For special and container orders, customers must prepay 50% and the balance should be paid according to the terms agreed on in writing. 

2. AAC honors customers with established credit net-30-days-payment term and AAC requires post dated business checks or money orders at the time of picking up or shipping out the merchandise.


3. AAC charges 1.5% per month (18% APR.) of the past due payment.. AAC impose $20 charge per check for any returned or stop-payment checks If it happens more than three times, the customer(s)’ discount will be reduced 5% and the future purchase requires money order or Master or Visa card payment and outstanding balance to be paid off. Once invoices past due over three months, credit collection will be taken.

4. AAC requires prior notice of cancelling orders free of charge within 8 hours after the orders made.  Customers must pay 25% one week after the orders made, 50% after two weeks of the orders made, 75% of three weeks after the orders made and 100% for the merchandise shipped out.

5. Customers, who purchase AAC’s merchandise from AAC directly, must pay AAC, not any others.


1. AAC takes great pride in being care, helpful, loyal and sincere to our customers and we do our best to discount for the customers. AAC automatically honors the customers who have been doing business with AAC for over 10 years 15% discount, 10% for over 5 years, 5% for over 1 year.  However, the volume of distributing our products and the payment terms make the major difference in discounts that customers deserve and receive. The total highest discount a customer may get from us is 50%. 

AAC Business Policies


1. AAC’s products are for decorative and other similar purpose and use only.  Due to the nature of being all hand-crafted and mouth-blown by different individuals, slight differences in sizes, color, thickness and some natural flaws such as pinholes, small bubbles and lines may exist.

2. We measure our products from outside of the products corner to corner. But in most cases, we try to be more accurate, and so we prefer to be conservative and round up.  However, right now our online catalog and our printed catalog measurements may be different a little fractionally.  

3. AAC requires all the customers be aware of the following:

– Without normal adult(s)’ supervision, children shouldn’t touch or play with glass products; 

– Keep in mind to always handle glass products with care such as picking or lifting up glass products carefully by their bases;

– Pour room temperature water first before putting rocks, glass gems or marbles and any other heavy articles into glass containers; 

 – Make sure glass candle holders are at room temperature before lighting candles.


1. AAC requires all the customers to inspect merchandise thoroughly before picking up. 

2. AAC inspects and makes sure merchandise is right and in good condition before handing over to or shipping out to customers. And, normally we seldom receive claims of damages, wrong items, or related problems. After the freight carrier(s) acceptance of the shipment(s), AAC does not take the responsibility of the shipment(s) and customers must deal with the carrier(s) for any loss or damage.  

3. AAC must be notified by customer(s) for any problem issues in writing immediately and no later than two days upon receipt of the merchandise.  AAC will take care of the matter with acceptable proof. Without AAC’s authorization beforehand, no returns will be accepted, and the return charge is 15%.  

4. AAC is not responsible for any breakage and any other damages once our products were used.

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